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We already have someone 'Handling' telecom...

Here at Corilate, we come across people every day that say “We already have someone who is handling our telecom services”. Now, we don’t mean to be rude, but just follow the money. How is that person being paid? If they are a salesperson, they are compensated by selling you additional services. If they are trying to switch you to another vendors offering, are they beholden to that vendor? If they are truly a consultant, are you paying them hourly or are they paid a commission by someone else?

At Corilate, we don’t resell telecom services nor are we compensated by vendors. What we do requires technical skill, expertise and time. Nobody works for free. If someone is handling your telecom, please follow the money and then decide if there is another way. This is important because we don’t care who your vendors are and we have no interest in switching you to another ‘program’.

We work directly for you and are compensated on the savings we generate. Our interests are perfectly aligned. Because we aren’t tied to a specific vendor we work hard to identify billing fraud and reduce operating costs. Honestly, we save you money because commissioned salespeople would loose money doing what we do. They don’t get paid to remove old services or optimize your environment. They get paid to sell new services.

Give us an opportunity to review your current telecom contracts and invoices and we promise to provide an unbiased opinion and an honest evaluation of what we can save your organization. Good old fashioned service is still alive here at Corilate.

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