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Service Overview

Most telecom information is scattered across the enterprise.  By consolidating this data, companies are able to increase visibility, identify waste, and reduce expenses.  Our assessment extracts critical business, technical and contract details and outlines savings opportunities in an exception report. 

Corilate enables your team to answer the questions "What services do we have, What do we pay,  How do we use them and are they still required?" Our rapid assessment creates actionable information and detailed records of your telecom services that drive strategic and operational decisions. 

Our process reverse engineers billing and customer service records from your telecom vendors. This creates a baseline list of services across the enterprise that provides a consolidated look at the services being billed for in each location.

Control Your Telecom Data

When AT&T operated as a monopoly they used a variety of databases that contained billing and contract information, a physical inventory of delivered services and information on how everything connected inside your buildings.  This framework was used to identify, test and correct service issues, optimize telecom environments and remove unused services.  With deregulation, these consolidated records and services have disappeared.  


As an impartial third party, Corilate recreates this powerful information to crosscheck billing and optimize your telecom services using your existing vendors and contracts. 

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