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Like the IRS, Telecom Vendors want Proof


It's Tax Season - Think of Telecom Orders like Tax Records. You wouldn't dream of going to an audit without records. Who knew

telecom vendors and the IRS were cousins. When it comes to record keeping, telecom orders and invoices should be retained for 7 years, just like tax records. All billing issues originate with an order. If you encounter billing problems, you want written orders as proof of your stated intentions. Customers are responsible for knowing what they have, how it connects, and if it's being used. If your company ordered a telecom service and is no longer using it - you are responsible for issuing disconnect orders, not your vendor. Your Telecom Vendors have no idea what you use a service for. 100% of the organizations we test and verify are being invoiced for services that are not working or are partially disconnected. Every one of these companies had someone "checking/managing their services" and we still reduce expenses 25% +. One of the culprits has to do with the way vendors complete change orders. Someone enters your order request into a series of back-end systems. Then, parts of the order complete and others don't. Just think massive system integration issues. These hung orders will continue billing until you issue additional orders to correct the problem. Experienced teams assume vendors will not complete orders correctly the first time. Always check the following months invoices to verify the requested changes have posted to you billing accounts. Remember, keep your telecom orders! They truly are your only defense. Whether you've acquired a new business or have limited documentation to go with the invoices you currently pay, have someone review and certify the services that appear on your your billing accounts. If you're in this position, give us a call! We're happy to help.

Corilate, Inc. has a unique process to remotely identify, document, and verify that every telecom service you pay for is actually connected and being used -without CapEx. Contact us for a free healthcheck at 714-267-0864 or email Our mission is to empower end users. Julie Bernhardt-Brown Managing Director

Corilate, Inc.

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