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Our services isolate and resolve service issues, reduce costs and create durable off site records of your telecom connections.  Knowing what you have and how it all connects arms your technical group with vital data and provides added leverage when renegotiating vendor contracts.   We take pride in delivering world class solutions for our clients and provide these added benefits:

  • Standardized naming for similar services across vendors.

  • Improved Service Stability.  We work with your vendors to test and correct service issues.

  • Peace of mind - only pay for services you need.

  • Reduce costs without capex budget for qualified correction programs.

  • We screen for missing or incomplete orders and provide tools to check overbilling.

  • A centralized library of telecom contracts with key dates, issues, and compliance notes.

  • Master list of enterprise services across all vendors and the hardware they connect to.

  • Billing account consolidations that reduce paperwork and eliminate labor.

  • Centralized offsite storage of all telecom orders.

  • A list of telecom services by building with vendor escalation procedures for outages.

  • TSP service review and set up for disaster readiness to ensure priority restoration in emergencies.

  • Ongoing services available with escalation support.

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