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Corilate asks different questions.
What Do You Have? 
The primary question: does it work?
It's remarkable how often services fail this first test.  Just because something is not working does not mean it should be removed. 
We validate ownership.  Is this your building or service.  
Routine failures here as well.
Are these your calls?  Is it originating from your services.  Routine problems in this area.
Are calls being routed correctly?
Is this the best method for deploying this service type.
What are the alternatives.
What Do You Pay?
Often contract additions improve the cost of your in place service.
Eliminate excess expense by validating your services. 
The rates wars are over.  The majority of expense you pay is in recurring service, tax, and surcharges. 
Our processes were built by an industry veteran who started at divestiture.   Telecom Consultants are most frequently hired to select or move equipment for customers from one location to another. Having done this for hundreds of large customers we learned how to capture the critical data points. 
​​​There is an army of sales reps pitching the latest 'plans' and services.  The basis for most telecom service conversions is savings.  Routinely they ask for your invoices, look at what your buying and figure out what price point to use for a solution.  What they do and what we do is starkly different. 
Your vendors routinely write the orders for new services.  One of the key reasons regulatory bodies advise customers to have experts review their invoices is your vendors do not remove services. 


​​​Your Details -- FAST


Our process reverse engineers billing and customer service records from your telecom vendors to create a baseline list of telecom services using vendor portal access and where required hard copy invoices. This enterprise billing inventory  provides a consolidated look at the services being billed for in each location. 


Corilate handles all types of telecommunications services and our Project Managers understand the machines they connect to both internally and externally. 


Corilate does not resell carrier services and our correction services are priced hourly or on a recovery basis. 

Corilate coordinates directly with your carriers and hardware providers.

Vendor Portals, Points Of Contact And People

Vendor management in a nutshell is knowing who to contact for what.  Understanding normal intervals for installation and service and planning around that.


We collect vendor contact information about where to call for orders, billing, and service.  We record billing and service addresses for electronic billing data where it is provided.

Carriers maintain a variety of portals for different customer types.  Provisioning of portal access is done either by pin from the invoice or by your Vendor Account Manager depending on the vendor and service type.  Larger vendors set up an administrative account and in turn this allows your staff to assign access.   


Services are optionally tested  (excluding DID numbers initially) and operational, service and financial concerns are documented.  If information is not available it is flagged for research.  We also review  telecom contracts and document key dates, termination language and contract issues.  A call traffic analysis maps your enterprise calling patterns and helps identify focus areas for future contract negotiations.  Corilate extracts critical business, technical and contract details from your existing vendors and outlines savings opportunities. This highly correlated information is highly useful for telecom technology decisions. 


Additionally, because we utilize source data from your vendors, these records can be updated periodically without the burden of having IT manually maintain this complex list of services.

 Correction Services


​Corilate's correction services use information and analytics from our assessment to implement corrections with your vendors. Our operations team cross references billed services to physical connections to resolve anomalies.  Corilate routinely imports PBX and VoIP data during this phase, depending on your requirements because understanding direct inward dialing assignments can be important. Your vendors that support the devices and connect the services are added during corrections.   

Project managers correct complex service issues including communicating routing and overflow changes to your equipment vendors, verifying and safely removing unused services, and coordinating repairs with your vendors. The objective is to verify that every telecom service you pay for is connected and being used efficiently.  Our optimization services consolidate billing accounts and perform traffic studies in order to right size services to match your business requirements. Additionally, we validate service stability and disaster readiness. 


Our team manages the correction activities off site then holds weekly calls to update clients and obtain approvals.  Once we complete work on a billing account it is assigned a "Certified Pay Amount" that allows your team to manage expense by exception. 


Certified Payment Amounts

All organizations have processes in place to review and approve invoices.  In general this starts with "is this the same as last month".  Accounts payable staff processes those approvals.  Once we have reviewed and certified that an account is billing correctly your staff can use that payment amount just like they always have. 


Corilate expands your options when the amount invoiced is different.  Corilate offers a range of support services that both keep records updated and provide facilities to identify what's different between any two invoices relating to what's new, changed or deleted.  When you contact us to report the change, we run a process for electronic bills that runs a variance report and adds the new service to your Inventory for review.

This service combats major changes in vendor contracts that state users have 30 days to notify of billing discrepancies, with detailed information, or the billed amount becomes the new contract amount. 

Service Ticket Support


Service Ticket Escalation Support gives your staff options for managing service issues. 

If you're experiencing a service emergency or have complex billing issues pick up the phone and dial 714-267-0864.  We're experts in telecom management services and can help resolve your problem.



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