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Telecom Road Maps

Consolidated information and analytics about what you buy and how it's used.

What You Buy
What You Use
Increased Visibility

Corilate enables your team to understand "What services do we have, What do we pay,  How do we use them and are they still required?"

Expense Optimization

Identify underutilized assets, right size services, traffic studies, route optimization and correction.

“By crosschecking our billed services against what was installed and working,  Corilate reduced our fixed operating costs by $ 370,000 per year.”

CFO / Southern California Hospital

“We found that auditing our invoices, including standard reviews by our telecom  vendors, were not identifying unused services.  Corilate was able to identify 81 unused lines and circuits saving us $184,000 a year.”

​Sabi Dadabhai / CFO Redlands Hospital

Experienced Team

Corilate's technical team has over 30 years operational experience in all facets of telecommunications and works behind the scenes with your vendors so IT and others tasked with Telecom Management can stay on task.


Our Clients


The Corilate Team has worked with Fortune 500 companies, multi-billion dollar private companies, hospital groups, law firms, brokerage firms, technology companies and everything in between.

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